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Our Process

Our process is what sets us apart from the competition and ensures our floors stand the test of time. 

  • Shotblasting every floor.

  • HEPA Rated Vacuums.

  • Moisture Vapour barrier on every floor.

  • All our Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings are made in Canada with the exception of Ballistix which is made in the USA.


First thing we do is grind the floor removing any coatings and getting a uniform finish. Our planetary grinders are attached to HEPA rated vacuums to eliminate airborne dust



Shotblasting is what sets us apart from our competition, while most installers just vacuum, we shotblast the floor to remove as much dust as possible, ensuring the coating is bonding to your floor and not residual dust left behind from grinding.



After grinding we shotblast damaged areas and fill with either a specialized polyurea or epoxy concrete filler. The filler is then ground flush and the entire floor is shotblasted to clean.


Every floor gets a 100% solids Moisture Vapour Barrier as a base coat which is capable of withstanding 25 lbs of vapour. This low viscosity coating ensures we get a good bond with the properly prepared substrate eliminating failures.



We flake to rejection on every floor, this ensures the flake is part of the complete floor system, giving more impact resistance vs a floor with no flake or partial flake. Once our basecoat is dry, we scrape in all 4 directions to ensure a uniform flake profile.

With 12 signature colours and literally thousands of custom blends, theres a colour combination for everyone.


Every floor gets a hybrid hi-performance polyaspartic topcoat, with excellent UV resistance, non yellowing and high gloss characteristics. the product we use is abrasion and impact resistant and we can coat with Ballistix giving superior chemical resistance than other coatings on the market. ​

Micro media traction agents can be added for extra slip resistance​.

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